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Introduction to Wild Spirit Passages

"The true meaning of “wild” is “wholeness." - Gary Snyder

Wild Spirit Passages is a way of understanding who we are in relationship with literally everything -- from the smallest speck of dust to the stars twinkling in the night sky.

All wisdom traditions affirm that the fundamental cause of our dis-ease is the illusion of separation. The return to health, wholeness, is the experience of connection with all that is. As long as we persist in seeing the world only through what Alan Watts refers to as our "skin-encapsulated ego," we continue to suffer and find ourselves experiencing life as one damned thing after another. We become more susceptible to the snares of consumerism, trivial amusements, and soul-crippling addictions.

Most of us know in our bones that we are meant for something better than this. 

Wild Spirit Passages affirms that our sense of dis-ease is not our inherent condition. Our basic human nature is oriented toward bliss and fulfillment.  Expanding our awareness -- in body, mind and spirit -- of our relationships and connections with not only other humans, but the more-than-human world, becomes the path toward experiencing wholeness and unitive consciousness.

This awareness was experienced as the birthright of every person until relatively recently in human hisotry. As we have moved further and further away from our indigenous and ancestral roots, our memory has faded. However, all we have to do is to step out the door, set a good intention, and cross the threshold into nature. 

A Heroic Adventure

One of the basic gifts that indigenous people recognize is that each of us is born with a unique calling and destiny to fulfill -- what psychologist James Hillman has called daimon, spirit-guide, or angel. The living out of this call, "vocation," is what truly matters in giving our lives meaning and purpose. Then life becomes a heroic adventure. We are enabled to live our lives as gifts to others.

Wild Spirit Passages offers rites of passage, based upon thousands of years of ancestral practice, designed to address the experience of modern people. Each program, from the foundational vision quest or vision fast to wilderness backpacking trips, is designed to facilitate our renewal as nature-centered people who require experience of the wild as much as we require pure water and clean air. These programs are offered to all people, regardless of their spiritual or religious background, experience of camping, hiking, backpacking, or level of athletic fitness.


Wild Spirit Passages is not an "outward bound" program, where nature is viewed as a challenge to be conquered. Rather, Wild Spirit Passages seeks to renew and support contemplative awareness in nature and the realization that we are not separate from the earth, the sky, the wind, and all the myriad creatures that share our lives upon this beautiful planet. 


The bedrock approach of Wild Spirit Passages is that Nature -- in all of her manifestations -- is the true guide, the true teacher, and the true healer. Our essential healing and personal sense of purpose, whether discovered for the first time, or as an occasion for deeper commitment, is always to be found when we "let the mountains speak."  

Want to know more about where your Wild Spirit passage begins?

  • Visit the Vision Quests page to see a description and schedule of planned programs.
  • Visit the Wild Spirit Programs page to see a variety of individual and group programs, such as Wilderness Backpacking, Four Shields and Council Work, as well as Personal Mentoring, available in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.
  • Or visit David Clark's  bio page to find out more about his experience and contact him directly. 

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